Metastatic Cervical Cancer Presenting as a Sessile Polyp in the Ascending Colon

Imelda Maria Loho(1), Lianda Siregar(2), Dewi Iriani(3), Tiyas Hasnaa Faatinah(4),

(1) Department of Gastroentero-Hepatology, Dharmais Hospital, Indonesian National Cancer Center, Jakarta
(2) Department of Gastroentero-Hepatology, Dharmais Hospital, Indonesian National Cancer Center, Jakarta
(3) Department of Anatomical Pathology, Dharmais Hospital, Indonesian National Cancer Center, Jakarta
(4) Department of Gastroentero-Hepatology, Dharmais Hospital, Indonesian National Cancer Center, Jakarta
Corresponding Author


Patients with metastatic cervical cancer, particularly hematogenous metastasis, have a worse prognosis compared to those with localized cervical cancer. Gastrointestinal involvement of cervical cancer occurs in approximately 8% of cases and most lesions are located in the recto-sigmoid area due to direct extension of the disease. Here, we present a case of cervical adenocarcinoma spreading to the ascending colon as a sessile polyp and mimicking a hyperplastic polyp. Histopathological evaluation followed by immunohistochemistry analysis is needed to confirm the diagnosis.


cervical cancer; metastasi; sessile polyp; colon


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